Our family

Ji must be let go! - How do we push each other
I will suggest you look at a small fragment of a conversation between two well-educated and already loving each other people. Their names are Ricky and Kate. This small conversation…

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They quarrel with you - that means you are needed!
A cat came to the man’s house. She came to the man and stayed with him, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide…

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And what do you think? - dialogue support and vaccination against categorization
Discussing difficult issues is not easy. When people are addicted, they begin to speak categorically, throw a lot of negativity on their partner and just immediately talk about a lot,…

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Prevention of sick attachments

Attachments are good as long as you need each other and your attachments are not sick, soft, rather playful. If your partner’s relationship shows a tough, sick attachment to you, then this is a dangerous situation. A person with such affection gives inappropriate reactions: he literally pursues the object of his “love”, calls at any time of the day, demands to be with him, threatens to deprive himself, or even of another life.
How to prevent such a relationship? What to do if such a person, nevertheless, appeared next to you? How to end such a relationship, if they have already begun?

The most important rule that you need to adopt is not to mess with those who may develop a sick attachment. Starting to build a relationship with a new person, listen to his words, look at emotions. If, suddenly, you begin to hear from him something like “I can’t live without you,” said in all seriousness with real emotions, then this is a clear alarm signal and you will be prompted: “This relationship needs to be quickly stopped.” Continue reading

Our family values

We live for good, not personal entertainment. Our task is to leave a good mark in life, and our life is dedicated to this, and not to sleep more, eat more tasty and buy everything status. Our inner comfort is not a value, but only a tool to help us live as we should. Provide your own happiness for yourself, it’s not difficult, and be always close to joy and smart sun for loved ones. Similarly, they are only tools, and not values ​​- well-being, interesting life, social status and other cares for oneself.

Positive, constructive, responsibility is the basis of relations to oneself, people and life. If there are difficulties that can be dealt with, we do not run away from them, but we cope with them. Difficult yourself – ask for help.

The trust. We initially treat each other as decent people. To think badly of each other without real reasons is forbidden. We do not have serious secrets from each other, and we don’t hide and tell everything that is useful to know. We don’t look into the life of another without need, but in serious cases the concept of “confidential information” is not ours. Continue reading

Family rituals

Family rituals are the unwritten laws of the family, reproduced by virtue of habit and belief. what is right. Every family has its own rituals – these are trifles that are always done and about which no one is discussing whether this should be done or not. This includes such trifles as greetings and goodbyes, swelling at the entrance to the apartment, washing hands before eating, brushing your teeth, fastening in a car, etc.

Family rituals are observed only if all family members perform them. For example, you can teach your son to sit in the toilet only if the father does it. Or “every morning will begin with a healthy breakfast” – it won’t become a ritual if you yourself walk in the mornings with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in your mouth.

Good and bad family rituals
Not all rituals are good. Many people repeat after their parents: “Take your elbows off the table!” “They don’t talk over food!” “Children should be silent when adults are talking.” Even beating a fined child was a ritual in many families. Continue reading

Red cat, or Who is the main in the family

Mom is difficult to fight with her child. And it’s easy for a child to fight with his mother. Well, and who will defeat whom? If formulated more broadly, then: loving and decent parents, by virtue of their decency, cannot afford what the child can easily afford, and therefore often pass to the child. I don’t feel like fighting roughly, so they are ready to give in and agree. That is, to obey and acknowledge the power of the child. And so normal children usually beat such normal adults “at a time.”

Here is the dreary organization of social security. A long line, in her ranks is a mother with a cute baby. The kid sits on his mother’s lap, smiles at her and with pleasure, ras-ka-chi-wa-a-yas! – falls nape on the floor. More precisely, it starts to fall, because mom catches him every time. And that is why he freely, in his full pleasure, falls over and over. After all, mom – catches him? Always, be sure to catch? The child selflessly creates a holiday! Well, in this case, at the expense of mom. Continue reading

Friendship and friendship: why, how, with whom?

Each of us needs friends, everyone values ​​friendships, but in science the phenomenon of friendship and friendship has not been studied well. Perhaps, Igor Semenovich Kon, who even wrote a book called Friendship, sorted it out best. She came out back in the 70s.
Generally speaking, friendship is a “sexless marriage”. In the sense that people do not marry each other, but all other relationships, minus sexual ones, remain with them. This is help, support, devotion, interest in each other, a joint pastime. At the same time, this happens more in marriage, and in friendship it is often more interesting and better. Friendship is the satisfaction of our needs for participation, support, in sharing our impressions.

Friendship can be between people close and not, friends and pals. But they may not be between them. Different people put different content into the word Friends and Friend. Friends should not be confused only with friends. Friends are people with whom you can have fun, but nothing more. They differ from friends in that friends can be asked for help in difficult times, but friends can’t. The right people are needed, useful contacts are useful, but it’s not at all the same as friends. A separate conversation about what a true friend is, as opposed to just a friend. One thing is for sure: good friends go to someone who knows how to be a good friend. Continue reading

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