Prevention of sick attachments
Attachments are good as long as you need each other and your attachments are not sick, soft, rather playful. If your partner’s relationship shows a tough, sick attachment to you,…

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I mind your jealousy
Soft writing “I love you, and I will repeat it again and again: I love you! And also - I know that you love me too. Hurrah! Therefore, I am…

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How to behave a girl to get married
The fact that getting married is not the most important thing in the girl’s life, the girls understand that they are already married and faced with the fact that it…

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much spiritual protest

Family is a common goal

What makes a couple stable and what is not in most Russian families

You have met or heard such stories. Imagine a queue near the office of an official. About 20 people are sitting and everyone needs a single reference. And then the secretary comes out and reports that the official is no longer accepting today, and has just left. What you will see the unity of angry citizens, who had not before and did not care about each other!

Also in the family. Imagine: a couple, not the first year together, tired of family life. They tolerate each other, but on the whole they have not experienced much pleasure from communicating with each other for a long time – a lot of discontent, disagreement, and resentment have accumulated. But suddenly something happened. For example, a child fell ill, and not just with a runny nose, but with something requiring a long and difficult treatment. And parents unite in front of a common task – the child must be cured at all costs, and all disagreements, emotions (or lack thereof) go to the background. Continue reading

Is the woman responsible for the mood in the family? Are you seriously?

Recently, the conviction: “This woman is responsible for the atmosphere (mood, psychological climate) in the family”, it seems, comes from every iron. The propaganda of this madness has reached some incredible proportions.
Why do I call this belief insanity? Because it destroys marriages as briskly as uncontrolled deforestation destroys Amazon. I see it constantly, because I work with couples who are on the verge of a divorce.

Alas, for many people, the conviction “A woman is responsible for the way in the family” is not a conviction at all, but an indisputable fact (of the “wet water” level). And if the water is really wet, then with family responsibility, things are more complicated.

And if this man is sure that the woman is responsible for the psychological climate in the family, he takes off all responsibility for the family. If a woman thinks so, then she takes all this responsibility upon herself. Continue reading

What to do to the husband when the wife does not want sex

Let us first see what men usually do, without receiving reciprocity in the fulfillment of conjugal duty. There are familiar strategies for male behavior that could work at some stage of the relationship, but then ceased, or did not work initially. This is the following behavior:
1. A man requires sex, obtains sex, insists on sex, begs for sex.

Result: A woman is sick from the mere mention of sex.

2. A man surrounds a woman with increased love and care in the hope that she will appreciate and descend.

Result: A woman estimates the size of love and care and realizes that she is a Bohina! And do not dare to insult her with your dirty earthly desires.

3. A man cheats on a woman with another woman. Continue reading

Marital relations: how to influence each other
If people are smart and love each other, everything is simple: one asked, the other did. Disagreements arise - close people agree. You can agree on almost everything, but not…


How to become a good wife
Becoming a good wife is easy: you just need to learn this. Surely you already know almost everything. You learned that for a long time. Mom teaches her daughter to…


What is love worth?
"I love you!" - what are these words? "I love you, dear, but today is football, and football is dearer to me than you!" "I love you, dear, but my…


Format - a form of behavior required for a certain range of situations. This is a specially defined behavior and part of the usually natural reactions that are proposed to…