Our family

Relations got, but we do not want to disperse
Once you could lie nearby and enjoy dreaming, looking into the high sky together, but today it’s hard for you to talk even on everyday topics. You used to love…

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How is psychological attachment formed
Attachment is a connection that attracts and holds a person next to someone or something when neither a feeling of love, nor interest or benefit connects him with it. To…

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What to do to the husband when the wife does not want sex
Let us first see what men usually do, without receiving reciprocity in the fulfillment of conjugal duty. There are familiar strategies for male behavior that could work at some stage…

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Family WE

The essence of the family is WE: caring for both of us, about ourselves and about you, about our couple. We were separate, and we became together, we became a couple: you become part of me, I am part of you. “You and I – we are one.”

Internal wording: “Sometimes you want to kill you, to get a divorce – no.” “Divorce is out of the question, so we have two options: either shoot, or learn to negotiate.”

Feeling WE: “You and I are one, a continuation of each other.” The basis of proximity. We can have elements of a transaction in the family, but its basis is different: the couple lives (consciously or unconsciously) by believing in love – that the other can take care of you as of himself. Continue reading

Acquaintance of a daughter with a new dad

After a divorce from my husband, two years later, I began a new relationship with another man. Everything developed well, but I had my five-year-old daughter, so the question arose before me: “How will the child accept the new dad, how will the man accept my child?” Today I understand that this wording “accept – not accept” itself gave rise to fear in me, negative pictures were drawn in my head on how to save myself from fears – I did not quite understand. No one can guarantee you that your child and your beloved man will immediately make friends, but you can confidently say that you need to put the question in a different way, namely: “What is the best way to arrange a meeting of two people I love so that they can easily meet each other and find out more quickly friend? ” I’ll translate it again: it’s silly to discuss “they will accept – they will not accept”, they will certainly accept, it depends on me only how to help this. Continue reading

Relationship crisis

A crisis in a relationship is a period when your previous relationship has ceased to suit you. When the couple no longer wants to live as before, and the relationship can not develop according to the old patterns. If the relationship was expensive, then the crisis is painfully experienced.
The partner’s habits that you didn’t pay attention to are now constantly annoying. You don’t understand how you didn’t notice this before him (her)? Your eyes seem to open wide, you get the feeling that you used to be hibernated, in a fog, bewitched, but now you suddenly woke up and you feel disappointed. As if you were deceived! …

The family is similar to a living organism and in its development goes through the traditional stages and stages, which can be called the levels of family development. This is the period of courtship, then living together without children, then – a family with a small child, a mature family and a family with adult children. Then the children leave their parents, leaving for an independent life. For many families, an additional turning point is retirement, when you have to rebuild life in a completely new way. Continue reading

Anatomy of family communication

Usually hidden necrophiles are fond of anatomy, especially pathologic anatomy; nevertheless, I will venture to offer you a small excursion into the pathological anatomy of family communication.
Well, really, this is interesting!

A family was formed. They found each other. With truths and loves, they ended up together, all official visits were completed, the door closed pleasantly behind the last fattened guest, you can start a family life.

And this is how? What to do?

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How to combine work and personal life

If it seems to us that somehow Work and Personal life mix poorly, usually this is caused by dissatisfaction with the situation in LV. But further, the reasons for this discontent can be very different. Typical reasons:

Need to prioritize
Indeed, sometimes in any situation there is not enough time for joint LV. Solution: either determine that work is more important now – and calm down, or cut back on work. You can trim the work either mechanically, or learn to fit it in a shorter time due to time management. Another option is to use any of the smallest opportunities in order to convey to loved ones your love and attention: SMS, signs of attention.

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What to learn from a European family
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Tongues of love
The language of love is the form and the way in which one person gives his love to another. Love has its tongues. If you talk about your love in…


What is love worth?
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Prevention of sick attachments
Attachments are good as long as you need each other and your attachments are not sick, soft, rather playful. If your partner’s relationship shows a tough, sick attachment to you,…