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When a family is created through sex - there is nothing good about it
“Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism.” Recently, marriage statistics look like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According…

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How can I make your day better?
My name is Richard Evans, I am a writer, but I want to talk about what was in our family, without thought. And Carrie and I were all bad, very…

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What is love worth?
"I love you!" - what are these words? "I love you, dear, but today is football, and football is dearer to me than you!" "I love you, dear, but my…

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Format – a form of behavior required for a certain range of situations. This is a specially defined behavior and part of the usually natural reactions that are proposed to be made conscious, controlled and in accordance with family, corporate or other, social and social standards.
There are as many different types of format as there are situations important for people, primarily situations of interpersonal communication, where special behavior and special response are required.

In the civilian world one can be absent-minded and lethargic, one can stoop and whistle, speak through one’s teeth and be silent when asked. In the army, when the format is respected, the officers are assembled, keep straight, give orders clearly and clearly confirm that the order will be executed. A business format implies only attention, composure and constructiveness, and not absent-mindedness, a desire to have fun, frustration or resentment, which is allowed in a free format. Continue reading

Early marriage

Early marriage – the creation of a registered family at an age younger than is usually done in society. A couple of young people who are too much in the opinion of young people for family life.
For the most part (according to research – about 82%), early marriages end in divorce and sobbing in the vest of friends.

What is considered an early marriage
Formally – most often these are marriages concluded immediately upon reaching adulthood, at the age of 18-20. This also includes marriages concluded before marriageable age by special permission of administrative authorities.

Worldly – early marriage is more often called marriage between people who do not have a common goal, are not firmly on their own feet, unable to provide for themselves and have not learned to respect each other. Moreover, if at 19 years old both work, study, have their own apartment, are deprived of prejudice about “paradise” family life and unceasing romance – why not? If people are able to not sit on their parents’s necks and try to ensure a decent life for themselves and their soulmate, if they respect and love each other, then such a marriage has good chances to survive. Continue reading

The Taming of the Shrew, or How to Put a Husband on a Distance

Putting your soulmate on the Distance is a thankful result, but not easy in itself. Especially if your other half is an adult and mature, with your own opinion, sometimes stubborn and stubborn. He, in general, does not prevent you from doing “all sorts of cute stupid things,” such as psychology, and even really supports your new beginnings, but he doesn’t! “I have other interests!”, “Why do I need this?”, “It was you who entered there. And what have I got to do with it? ”- perhaps the most typical answers to the offer to go to the training, Sinton-cinema or to join the Distance.
Distance Site

What to do in this situation? After all, it turns out that you go forward, achieve something, rethink something, change old attitudes, overestimate values ​​- in a word, you move! And at this time, another oar of your family boat, which worked in a habitually measured rhythm, continues to row along the beaten track of automatisms, creating turns, congestion and cycles. How not to slip into a situation where the husband is a “suitcase without handles,” which is hard to carry and it is a pity to leave? After all, he is his own, dear and beloved, and you, like, are still one, but already different. Continue reading

Tongues of love

The language of love is the form and the way in which one person gives his love to another.
Love has its tongues. If you talk about your love in a language incomprehensible to your beloved, your love will remain incomprehensible to him. Another person needs to convey his love in a language that is close and understandable to him. And there are many languages ​​of love: someone closer to the language of words, someone the language of action, someone the language of touch …

If for one to love is to help, and for the other to sit and look into each other’s eyes, then these two loving people in the evening after work may not understand each other. She rattles pots in the kitchen, prepares dinner for her lover and is angry with him, which he sits on the sofa and does not help. And the beloved at this time sits on the couch and is sad why the beloved does not sit with him and runs away from him to the kitchen all the time …

The main languages ​​of love.

Touching and kissing – you want to touch your beloved, hold on to your hand, kiss …
Time together – if your loved ones spends time with anyone, but not with me, it’s a shame. And if he wants to be with you, it’s a joy!
Words of love – I want to hear from my beloved that you are dear to him, that he loves you! Continue reading

How to become a good wife

Becoming a good wife is easy: you just need to learn this. Surely you already know almost everything. You learned that for a long time.

Mom teaches her daughter to cook and do household chores, daughter learns to be a mistress. Perhaps this is the first skill of the wife: to feed her husband and children, to create comfort in the house, when everything is washed, ironed and tidied. Does every woman know how? Not. A good wife – not only knows how, but also loves.

Grandmother called her granddaughter the Sun, admired her smile, taught to be caring and enjoy life. This is the second skill of the wife, although many smart men consider it her main quality. Woman is a smile, woman is a joy; how wonderful it is when a woman is filled with light and love, when her voice sounds like a ringing bell. Indeed, after all, it is the wife who first adorns the life of the family. From her mood and mood, from her attentiveness and responsiveness depends on how this life will be joyful and happy. Continue reading

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