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Early marriage

Early marriage – the creation of a registered family at an age younger than is usually done in society. A couple of young people who are too much in the opinion of young people for family life.
For the most part (according to research – about 82%), early marriages end in divorce and sobbing in the vest of friends.

What is considered an early marriage
Formally – most often these are marriages concluded immediately upon reaching adulthood, at the age of 18-20. This also includes marriages concluded before marriageable age by special permission of administrative authorities.

Worldly – early marriage is more often called marriage between people who do not have a common goal, are not firmly on their own feet, unable to provide for themselves and have not learned to respect each other. Moreover, if at 19 years old both work, study, have their own apartment, are deprived of prejudice about “paradise” family life and unceasing romance – why not? If people are able to not sit on their parents’s necks and try to ensure a decent life for themselves and their soulmate, if they respect and love each other, then such a marriage has good chances to survive.

Psychologically, for anxious mothers, any marriage of their children will be too early.

How and why does this usually happen
For love
– In general, we are getting married! Wedding in a month.

Adults are in shock.

– Uh … guys, do you take your time? Don’t you think it’s somewhat early to get married at 18 years old four months after meeting? What money and where will you live? And anyway, what all of a sudden?

– We love each other. We’ll live with Lenkina’s mother, I’ll go to work. We just realized that we could not live without each other, so we decided to get married.

– Congratulations…

When feelings are overwhelming, when you can’t imagine your life without a loved one, when reasonable arguments do not work, young people decide: “Get married!”

On flight
How does this happen? And so: op – and flies. Now a man, as a decent person, if he is, of course, will have to either pay for an abortion, or take on obligations for a girl and an unborn child.
Another option is “flying by calculation”. Particularly insidious women can long choose a suitable candidate for the role of their future spouse. When the candidacy is approved, it seduces him, and then – a matter of technology … And so a new cell of society appears.

For stupidity and other reasons
I want to legalize sex. Yes, you will get it, but paying for it with a marriage is too expensive a price.

If you just want to get away from your parents or the difficulties of life – for you at any age, marriage will be early.

Getting married to forget someone or take revenge on someone is the most stupid of all the stupid options.

Pros and cons of early marriage
Early marriages (for love) have their pluses and minuses: the situation for the girl is a little better, for young people it is rather dysfunctional.


Love is both a reward and support. You are together with each other and you love each other, you can take care of each other. Love helps to overcome problems, circumvent difficulties. The only bad thing is that in a young couple love is usually short-lived.
Patience. In youth, people are more tolerant. YOUNG PEOPLE WHEN DESIRED can adapt to each other more easily: the nervous system is still flexible, in young people the world is often good and beautiful, and each other’s shortcomings are not beaten in the eyes. He can forgive her unwillingness to wipe the dust on the lampshade, and she does not swear much because of the booze with friends. The fact is that characters have not yet fully formed, habits have not become numb, spouses can achieve psychological compatibility faster, since it is easier for them to adapt to each other. With age, this is often more problematic. On the other hand, temper and impulsivity, the habit of turning on the head prevents young people from negotiating and getting out of quarrels without emotional wounds.
Independence and tempering character. To break out from under the parental wing, to provide for oneself, to live one’s own life and to solve one’s own problems – all this greatly contributes to growing up. Family – adult education. Yes, it’s a burden, but those who don’t squeak, they get smarter and grow up. become more independent.
Work. There is an opinion among employers that married employees are more responsible for their work. They also need to feed the family! However, married young girls do not have such advantages: on the contrary, many employers do not want to burden themselves with paying maternity leave and other troubles associated with small children.
If there is a child, the girl’s physiologically age is optimal for the birth of healthy children. However, the most intelligent and well-bred children are born to parents of a different age. See →

“Young people who themselves have not yet said goodbye to childhood are trying to start a family. They hardly imagine what awaits them beyond the threshold of the registry office. These are mountains of dirty dishes, washing, shopping and, most importantly, a catastrophic lack of time.

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