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Anatomy of family communication

Usually hidden necrophiles are fond of anatomy, especially pathologic anatomy; nevertheless, I will venture to offer you a small excursion into the pathological anatomy of family communication.
Well, really, this is interesting!

A family was formed. They found each other. With truths and loves, they ended up together, all official visits were completed, the door closed pleasantly behind the last fattened guest, you can start a family life.

And this is how? What to do?

The most understandable is often the most mysterious.

Let’s get it right.

Mutual assistance?
Yes, in the family people help each other. Well, but if they are not helpless people, then, in fact, they need each other minimally: he gives her money, she cooks, in bed they serve each other sexually. It takes nine hours to work, one hour to cook, three minutes to have sex (actually sex, without entertainment). All. Question: what to do with the rest of the time? And if we are not stupid – so that one does something and the other destroys, then actually we don’t need much mutual assistance. So what do we do with each other?

Close people need each other sincerely!
It is true that the human soul, like any other complex device, needs ongoing mental care, which is usually called –

Main functions: soulful Warmer, peppy Warmer (sometimes even an Enema), a fun Toy for entertainment, always-at-a-hand toilet for undigested experiences, Advisor, especially when you want to take the responsibility off yourself, well, and Support, when your strength is a little exhausted .

Even the nicest car once needs care, but if the car’s repair and maintenance begins to take up most of the motorist’s time, it’s time to change the car. To make friends once is perfectly normal and reasonable, but if it begins to take up the main time of a life (heating pad, warmer, toilet …), people are either value-distorted or mentally unhealthy. The less a person has grown up sincerely and the more unstable his mental organization is, the more he needs spiritual heating pads, enemas and props, the more he reaches for “friendship” and communication with him is more and more approaching everyday psychotherapy.

Of course, when we are friends in parallel with the good things that we are busy with, we are wise and beautiful, but when we sit in a room against each other, we sit and make friends for an hour in a row … In short, what should we do?

Oh yes, we have in stock –

Which in translation into the language of normal people means: to everyone to do their favorite thing. If things coincide, as, for example, in sex – he is doing his favorite thing and she is doing (under him or above him …) her favorite thing, then they do it together and are even needed by each other. If he is now self-fulfilling at the computer, and she is self-fulfilling in idle talk with her friend, then the spouses are separately. This is perfectly normal, but where does the family come from? Why should they live together, what should they do with each other?

In fact, most of all a family is made a family –

Joint chores
For many, it’s just saving the family. After all, they are spouses. And spouses are those who are in the same harness, who together pull one cart, it’s easier – who participates in joint efforts. Which ones? Naturally, first of all, these are chores for the improvement of everyday life, the arrangement of leisure and recreation. “Here we really need a closet, we need to replace the wallpaper, there’s no bread anymore and call us to agree where we will meet on Saturday?” People are busy. When these chores end, it is usually found that the spouses have nothing to do together, and that is why wise housewives usually take care that joint family chores do not stop. Never. Just like in the army: a soldier should not sit idle, this will spoil the soldier, so there must be trouble in the family, otherwise we will understand that we do not need each other.

Do not worry, no one will allow this. By the way, it’s time to take out the bin.

Additional opportunities for filling each other’s time give chores to arrange the external life of him or her: you need to go to the Institute, take scary sessions, and you don’t understand what kind of work. It takes time and soul.

But: she entered, passed, found – and again: what then is between us?

However, you can not trifle and the issue is resolved radically. In stock of any pair there is one, completely endless business, giving the most endless chores – this is the joint upbringing of children. Children need to be born, they need to be written, poop and feed. You can worry about children, you can swear at children, you can have fun with children, like free live toys. All your troubles can be attributed to children and with their help it is convenient to believe that your life is developing so crookedly – because of them.

Watching how slowly their children grow, their parents are filled with longing expectations – here, the children will grow up, and then we will be free! When released – parents do not want to let their children go. Because: “And then what can we do without them?”

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