Format - a form of behavior required for a certain range of situations. This is a specially defined behavior and part of the usually natural reactions that are proposed to…

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When a family is created through sex - there is nothing good about it
“Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism.” Recently, marriage statistics look like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According…

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I want to give birth to a child from a married man
A year ago, returning from a business trip, I stopped by my friends and involuntarily witnessed a discussion of the life situation in which there was one woman who decided…

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Our family values

We live for good, not personal entertainment. Our task is to leave a good mark in life, and our life is dedicated to this, and not to sleep more, eat more tasty and buy everything status. Our inner comfort is not a value, but only a tool to help us live as we should. Provide your own happiness for yourself, it’s not difficult, and be always close to joy and smart sun for loved ones. Similarly, they are only tools, and not values ​​- well-being, interesting life, social status and other cares for oneself.

Positive, constructive, responsibility is the basis of relations to oneself, people and life. If there are difficulties that can be dealt with, we do not run away from them, but we cope with them. Difficult yourself – ask for help.

The trust. We initially treat each other as decent people. To think badly of each other without real reasons is forbidden. We do not have serious secrets from each other, and we don’t hide and tell everything that is useful to know. We don’t look into the life of another without need, but in serious cases the concept of “confidential information” is not ours.

Healthy lifestyle. To be energetic and healthy is our duty to the loved ones whom we love and to the life that we must improve. We lay down on time, eat what follows, we go in for sports.

Development. We are not vegetables just to support our existence safely. It is natural for us to think, seek, develop.

Materialism and science. No higher powers, religion or esotericism. Signs, wonders and sorceresses are not ours. You can have fun with it, take it seriously – no. We build our lives with our own heads, choosing our values ​​on our own. When deciding what to do, we do not turn to heaven, but to facts and our own minds.

Reason is more important than feelings. Feel anything, but do what you should. In the discussion, crying, heavy emotions and other pressure on the feelings are unacceptable, we discuss everything calmly and reasonably, formulating theses and giving reasons. When your emotions outweigh your mind, by default the one with the head in place is right. Smart are always more important.

Decency. Until a person has proved the opposite, he is a decent person for us, we respect him, we don’t just say nasty things about him and we carry out all agreements with him without reminders. With decent people, we behave decently, even if these are our rivals. If we have disagreements, we will resolve them on the basis of existing agreements and our Family Constitution.

Honesty and self-control are the basis of trust. We live in such a way that we can be trusted without checks: we follow our behavior ourselves, we never have time for our own and do not conceal the important.

We do not build our happiness on the misfortune of others. You can take a cool person out of a bad family to yourself, but we can’t take a married man out of a good family, no matter how much love flares up among us.

All the best for adults. We love children so that they grow wiser and older, and not grow up as children, people who are thoughtless and unhappy victims. If the child cannot or does not want to live like that, in the worst case, we are ready to refuse him in order to invest in those who can and want to be a quality person. Children obey their elders when they fulfill their parental responsibilities and raise them with quality people.

For men, a tough position in education is normal and correct. For a man, children are not just their native blood, but the successors of his work and the defenders of his values. Taras Bulba abandoned his son, Andria, when he went over to the side of the enemies. A.S. Makarenko broke up with one of his students, who chose the life of a thief and a bandit. If children have the right to choose their life position, parents have the right to determine their attitude to this choice of children. Look Paternal model of love

Thanks. We value the clever help to us and are ready to thank for it not only with words, but also with deeds. If our parents gave us life and cleverly took care of us for decades, we take care of them whenever they need them.
If children value their family, they build their family only with those people with whom the parents will have a good relationship.

Mutual support: all of them support everyone. Indifference is unacceptable; have fun when one of the family members needs help – dishonestly. No one can offend our mother. The head of the family is listened to by family members – that’s it. Our children are always under our protection.

“They don’t fight with parents.” If adult children do not agree with their parents at all, they thank them and do not argue further: they stop using their help and begin to live completely independently. They leave the family to create their own family, even better!

These values, as guidelines for life, were adopted in the family of the editor of Psychologist, prof. N.I. Kozlova. Perhaps your family has slightly different values ​​- the main thing is that you have and share the values ​​of all members of your family. If these values ​​are close to you or even more so fully correspond to your views, it will be very nice if you write about it in the comments.

When a family is created through sex - there is nothing good about it
“Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism.” Recently, marriage statistics look like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According…


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