Family is a common goal
What makes a couple stable and what is not in most Russian families You have met or heard such stories. Imagine a queue near the office of an official. About…

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How to become a good wife
Becoming a good wife is easy: you just need to learn this. Surely you already know almost everything. You learned that for a long time. Mom teaches her daughter to…

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How to learn to take money from a man?
Most often, considering the financial side of relations with men, women are almost always portrayed as some kind of “predators”, who lure money from the stronger sex. And the reverse…

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can dictate

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What is love worth?

“I love you!” – what are these words?
“I love you, dear, but today is football, and football is dearer to me than you!”

“I love you, dear, but my child does not want us to meet, and I am writing you this farewell letter …”

The value of the beloved and beloved has always been influenced by local culture and accepted patterns. So, in medieval culture, the Lady of the Heart always stood above her wife. The real knight was happy to die for the Lady of his heart to wave his handkerchief, while loving his wife was not necessary at all. In the 70s, in the Slavic culture, the most common type of family was the child-centered, and the child for both parents was one of the highest values. Then for many mothers, the child was more important than his father: “My child, dear, but you can do without a man.” In the Arabian culture, no beloved can be higher than her mother: “There is only one mother in a person’s life, but there can be many loved ones.” Continue reading

How to behave a girl to get married

The fact that getting married is not the most important thing in the girl’s life, the girls understand that they are already married and faced with the fact that it does not at all look like the life of a fairy-tale princess in a magic castle. In a good way, not all girls can be married: you don’t want to spoil the life of either them or young people; however, fighting that girls want to get married is pointless. Moreover, this goal is not bad: in moving towards this goal, girls can grow wiser and get acquainted with what self-control, discipline and control of their emotions are. It is possible to marry successfully and by accident, but by chance becoming a good wife will not work, you need to be able to take care of yourself and follow the rules. So, if in the desire to get married the girl will teach herself to follow the rules, will teach to subordinate her desires and impulses to what is “necessary”, she will learn one of the most important life lessons. And this is already excellent.
My daughters read the book Ellen Feyn and Sherry Schneider “Rules. Continue reading

They quarrel with you – that means you are needed!

A cat came to the man’s house. She came to the man and stayed with him, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide her beauty, she could be stroked, and then she purred. When the man was just sitting, she gladly rubbed on his legs. She hardly stroked him like that, more so she received stroking herself. But this suited the man, and he left kitty. And then … Then the kitty got accustomed: it began to meow loudly when there was no milk in the bowl, it was no longer a guest, but a mistress on the bed, and when it was driven away, it offended released its claws and scratched. And it was already impossible to understand whether it was a joke or seriously.

However, the cat can climb onto the bed carefully, and always lies down – the mistress. This cat didn’t even climb anymore – she jumped into the bed as a mistress.

And today, a man kicks out kitty. He tells her: “Fight out of bed!” – but kitty only stretched. The man got up and slapped her – the kitty lazily jumped out of bed and left the room offended. And then she returned, looking at him with reproach. The man was reading his newspaper and did not stubbornly look at kitty, but she came up and began to rub against his leg again. He told her angrily: “Go away, I’m tired of it!”, The kitty thought and went to her kitchen, to her sour cream.
The next evening, the kitty was again sitting on his lap. Continue reading

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