Ji must be let go! - How do we push each other
I will suggest you look at a small fragment of a conversation between two well-educated and already loving each other people. Their names are Ricky and Kate. This small conversation…

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How to teach adult children of Love with a capital letter?
Not all parents love their children, at least not always, not in all situations the parents of their children love. It is a fact. But speaking from the point of…

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Family is a common goal
What makes a couple stable and what is not in most Russian families You have met or heard such stories. Imagine a queue near the office of an official. About…

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completely problematic

Anatomy of family communication

Usually hidden necrophiles are fond of anatomy, especially pathologic anatomy; nevertheless, I will venture to offer you a small excursion into the pathological anatomy of family communication.
Well, really, this is interesting!

A family was formed. They found each other. With truths and loves, they ended up together, all official visits were completed, the door closed pleasantly behind the last fattened guest, you can start a family life.

And this is how? What to do?

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How a man from a beloved to bring up an excellent wife

I was asked a question from a woman: “Can a man make a wife a real mistress, a shore, a keeper of the hearth, soft and supple, supportive in everything, endlessly faithful, happy, relaxed, smiling, rejoicing woman? Is this possible? Or is it all dependent? only from women? ”

My answer is yes, sometimes it is possible. Conditions:
For a man, this woman is not one of many, but her beloved. Changing oneself is something to give up on yourself in the past, and then a woman should know well why she needs it. She will agree to change herself if she understands and feels that she is not only giving up on something, but also how much she is gaining. And most importantly, it acquires – for many years! – a worthy man who really loves her.

A man knows how to love. He educates her not just for his convenience, but taking care of her, about her future and her happiness. Women are sometimes inclined to scold themselves – he will stop her in this and will accustom himself to respect and appreciate. It can be difficult for women to remember their own obligations – he will be her memory and her support, he will help her to do what she wants from herself and what they want together. Continue reading

And what are we going to talk about today?

“My father always tried to choose an interesting or useful topic during lunch to develop the mind of his children. In this way, he turned our attention to good deeds and to fair and prudent acts, ”Benjamin Franklin wrote in his autobiography. Question: Can your children write the same about you?
In fact, there are two questions. The first question is – do you have a tradition in your family for breakfast, lunch or dinner to get everyone together? We always do this. Well, almost always. In the morning, if you need to run away quickly and at different times, not everyone gets together. But any opportunity to get together, with the whole family – we must use it.
And you?
And the second question – what do you do together when you get together at the table? What are you talking about at lunch or dinner? In the family of Benjamin Franklin, the father asked the topic, and this topic was not random, but substantial, developing horizons and mind. From the conversations was not only joy, but also the result. Continue reading

And what are we going to talk about today?
“My father always tried to choose an interesting or useful topic during lunch to develop the mind of his children. In this way, he turned our attention to good deeds…


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