How can I make your day better?
My name is Richard Evans, I am a writer, but I want to talk about what was in our family, without thought. And Carrie and I were all bad, very…

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“Yes, how much can I say that I'm strong and can handle it ?! I already know that. Can’t you just sympathize and let me be weak ?! (Honey, thank…

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What is love worth?
"I love you!" - what are these words? "I love you, dear, but today is football, and football is dearer to me than you!" "I love you, dear, but my…

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more misunderstandings

I mind your jealousy

Soft writing

“I love you, and I will repeat it again and again: I love you! And also – I know that you love me too. Hurrah! Therefore, I am happy! But there is one dark cloud in our sky: you are jealous of me. And you are wrong!
You want me to be always with you and give you all my attention: this is correct, I agree with this, I want the same. I also love spending time with you. But no one has yet canceled my business trips (haven’t we canceled yet?), And someday you will be bored without me. I have a hope that you will be bored without me, but I do not want you to worry or to spoil your mood from the fact that I am not around. When you smile and you are in a good mood, you are so beautiful!
But there is one more situation. This is a situation where you begin to suspect that I am meeting someone else during my absence. Moreover, I am not happy with the situation when you start looking for something that can confirm these suspicions. And the point here is not only that you spoil your health with negative emotions, the thing is that it is humiliating for me. Continue reading

Is the woman responsible for the mood in the family? Are you seriously?

Recently, the conviction: “This woman is responsible for the atmosphere (mood, psychological climate) in the family”, it seems, comes from every iron. The propaganda of this madness has reached some incredible proportions.
Why do I call this belief insanity? Because it destroys marriages as briskly as uncontrolled deforestation destroys Amazon. I see it constantly, because I work with couples who are on the verge of a divorce.

Alas, for many people, the conviction “A woman is responsible for the way in the family” is not a conviction at all, but an indisputable fact (of the “wet water” level). And if the water is really wet, then with family responsibility, things are more complicated.

And if this man is sure that the woman is responsible for the psychological climate in the family, he takes off all responsibility for the family. If a woman thinks so, then she takes all this responsibility upon herself. Continue reading

What to do to the husband when the wife does not want sex

Let us first see what men usually do, without receiving reciprocity in the fulfillment of conjugal duty. There are familiar strategies for male behavior that could work at some stage of the relationship, but then ceased, or did not work initially. This is the following behavior:
1. A man requires sex, obtains sex, insists on sex, begs for sex.

Result: A woman is sick from the mere mention of sex.

2. A man surrounds a woman with increased love and care in the hope that she will appreciate and descend.

Result: A woman estimates the size of love and care and realizes that she is a Bohina! And do not dare to insult her with your dirty earthly desires.

3. A man cheats on a woman with another woman. Continue reading

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